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Saving our children is a national emergency! Parents need to be equipped and educated about the Woke Ideology that has been introduced in our schools, the effect of this indoctrination on our children and the outcomes from this exposure. Gender Ideology and CRT have been found in ADL school program teachings. It's time to take our children back and say NO to these agendas. Please join us!


Siggy Flicker as Guest Host!

Special performance by Award-winning recording artist Jimmy Levy!

Guest Speakers :

Scott Newgent of TRE Voices and star of the documentary "What Is A Woman?"

Torey Alston, Broward County School Board member

Sabrina Luis, Moms For Liberty Broward Chapter Chair

Elon Gerberg, Florida Fathers For Freedom

Deidre Ruth, Broward Concerned Citizens Uncensored

Ralph Avi Goldwasser of the Jewish Leadership Project

Jordan Toste and Conservative Ant of Gays Against Groomers

JEXIT, Jews Exiting the Democrat Party

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