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Tue, Jul 11


Pompano Beach

Defending Judeo-Christian Values

Our East Coast - West Coast coalition is defending Judeo-Christian values and organizing communities to push back against the Woke virus!

Defending Judeo-Christian Values

Time & Location

Jul 11, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Pompano Beach, 1103 N Federal Hwy, Pompano Beach, FL 33062, USA

About The Event

Brian Blacher was born in South Africa and emigrated to the USA in 1994.

He grew up in a family dedicated to supporting Zionism and had a passion for Israel instilled in him at a very young age.

He has a degree in Physical Education with a major in Exercise Physiology, and Economics.

He earned two bronze medals in Judo for South Africa at the 1981 Maccabiah Games.

Brian is an ardent Zionist with an interest in combating antisemitism in the USA. He is committed to helping students be prepared with facts as well as to react defensively with physical skills acquired through Krav Maga training when necessary.

Brian Blacher is the co-Founder of Shields of David.

Brian is married and has two children.

Daniella Bloom, LMFT, has shifted her brand from America’s Premiere Relationship and Celebrity Dating Authority, to Today's Free-Thinking Psychotherapist, Awakened Mama Bear and Freedom Advocate. Daniella goes underneath the headlines to identify and address the underlying issues that are currently fracturing our interpersonal relationships and our nation at large.

With two decades of professional and personal experience, Daniella has seen it all and been through it herself.

This licensed psychotherapist, keynote speaker, renowned author and dedicated mother of three is relatable, authentic and UNCENCENSORED.  in her direct takes as enlightened solutions for a healthier world today.

Daniella makes frequent appearances on top television and radio shows.  She has guest-starred on Good Morning LA LA Land "On Air With Ryan Seacrest," The Jon and Ken Show, The Barak Lurie Show, and NBC's Nightly News.  Daniella also appears regularly in news features on FOX and FRIENDS, FOX NEWS, Medium, and Huffington Post.  Daniella has additionally campaigned with Larry Elder on stage as head of Jewish Voters for Larry Elder, and has been endorsed by syndicated radio host and commentator, Dennis Prager.

Daniella is the #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of the multi award-winning Under The Tree children’s book series that guides readers of all ages  back to the common sense of Judeo-Christian  lessons on life and love.  Entitled A World Where I Belong, Daniella's latest book in the series, is a timely fable for both children and adults to heed as a wakeup call.

Daniella was most recently appointed National West-Coast-East-Coast Ambassador of JEXIT(Jews Exiting the Democrat Party).  Unapologetically Pro-America and Pro-Israel, Bloom joins the JEXIT team on an aligned mission: to bring Judeo-Christian values, Accountability and Appreciation of our God-Given Freedoms BACK to our people and allies.

Together, Daniella and JEXIT will continue to empower Jewish, non-Jewish and “conservative curious” Americans across the country to stand where the light shines, united without fear as free-thinkers.

In a world of growing darkness, Daniella Bloom is a true We The People Patriot illuminating what will reconnect us all.

For more information and resources, visit or send her an email directly, to

Dr. Eli Ben-Moshe is a prominent optometrist in San Diego. He was born in Israel, and has lived within the Jewish community in Mexico City and San Diego. He is on the board of several Jewish and Zionist organizations. Dr. Ben-Moshe and Brian Blacher founded Shields Of David in 2022. Shields of David has been one of the fastest growing non profit Jewish organisations, due to its commitment to uphold Judeo-Christian values and teaching its members to fight back with action oriented events throughout the country.

He is married and has 3 kids.

Laurie Cardoza Moore, Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), is a globally respected “go to” voice on the front lines in 2023 in the battle for the ideological, social, moral and civic mind of America’s next generation.

Why should a voice heard worldwide in the ongoing war against antisemitism be concerned with America's classrooms? Because both hatred of the Jews and hatred of America are being sown into the minds of America's children as early as kindergarten! The Judeo-Christian values upon which are nation was built are under mortal assault!

A home schooling mother of five, her original “wake-up call” on the state of America’s educational system was the discovery of anti-American, anti-Judeo Christian content in her own children’s school district.  The revelation of the early seeds of indoctrination of America’s children began her quest in the early 2000's to bring awareness and change through every avenue she could reach: Her initial home based advocacy in education in Williamson County, Tennessee had profound impact for change in flipping the left leaning school board--a fact that reached national media.   Legislative, media, advocacy and ultimately the development of PJTN programs and documentaries that are now shared globally and educate on a mass level--most notably through the "Focus On Israel" program that she co-produces and hosts. National media has become her successful vehicle of choice since PJTN was founded by her in 2005—literally born on her kitchen table.

In the heat of the educational crisis raging in classrooms across America, Laurie in 2019 launched PJTN’s national campaign, Taking Back America’s Children with the set goal of “educating, motivating and activating” parents and patriots to push back on the virulent woke culture activism hijacking American schools, To date,  PJTN has been instrumental in school board “take backs” in a number of states with major “Taking Back America’s Children” seminar events planned nationwide in 2023. She noted in a recent interview: “Wake up America! We are in a desperate battle for the future of our next generation of leadership in this nation: Our children.”

Laurie has been appointed, awarded and recognized by her peers for her leadership, Most recently in March 2023 she was selected to serve on Tennessee's Social Studies Review Committee to make decisions on curriculum used in classrooms statewide.  She shares the credit in Florida of helping create the Civics program implemented by Gov.DeSantis--a program that has resulted in Holocaust Education being taught to the state's more than 1.8 million students.. :

At the heart of Laurie Cardoza Moore’s ongoing passion is the preservation and nurturing of America's greatest asset. Our Children. Their future holds a next generation of leadership--a generation she notes, “We cannot afford to lose.”


Mrs. Fam is from a diverse background. Born into a working-class family, and raised by a single parent, she used education to catapult to a better life. Fam earned a Bachelor of Arts in teaching and two speciality certifications to teach in High School. Thereafter she obtained a Juris Doctorate in Law.

Mrs. Fam has more than 30 years legal experience which includes serving as Assistant State Attorney, as a managing attorney and partner of her own law firm, and as an Adjunct Law Professor at Nova Southeastern University.

Mrs. Fam was non -political until 2020 until she recognized that parents voices and rights were being ignored. Through hard work, tenacity, and support by the Republican Party she was elected to the Broward County School Board in. Nov. 2022. She is the first conservative to be elected to the Broward County school board in more than s decade. It is frequently said, that Mrs.Fam won a non-winnable election. Mrs. Fam is a true patriot and In June of 2023 Mrs. Fam was elected as the Broward County Republican of the Year.

Mrs. Fam continues to fiercely fight for children, parents, and to improve education. Mrs. Fam is a mentor and assists school board candidates navigate the election process. If you are in anyway interested or considering running for the Broward, Palm Beach, or Miami Dade school board you are not alone. Please reach out to Mrs. Fam so she can help you to get across the finishing line.





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